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Rose signs with Bass Boat Technologies

Bass Boat Technologies announced today that FLW Tour anglers Randall Tharp and Mark Rose have joined the company's pro staff for the 2013 season.

markrose“I am very proud to have two of the top anglers in the world to represent the company," said company CEO Van Foster, Jr. "Both share the same quality and stringent product values and I look forward to their input in the research and development of new products.”

Bass Boat Technologies is a new company that specializes in the design of electronics mounting systems for bass boats, which allow for single- or dual-mount systems while integrating an anti-vibration system.

“I’ve known Van for several years and no matter what the problem is, he always seems to come up with a solution,” Tharp said. “This is the second season that I have run his electronics mounts on my boat and they are perfect. The screen or screens are directly in front of you and are 100 percent visible without having to look through or around the steering wheel. The mounting system allows you to access all buttons without removing your hands from the steering wheel. The mounting systems are very sturdy and has zero vibration in big water."

Rose added, “I was hooked the first time I saw one of Bass Boat Technologies' mounting systems. Then when I got to know Van and saw his commitment to perfection, I wanted to get more involved with this company. The dual-mount system is like a dream come true."

Boat Rigging for Offshore Fishing

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by Curtis Niedermier

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How many depth finders do you really need? If you’ve never asked someone that question, you’ve probably never seen the boats of National Guard pro Mark Rose or his friend and three-time EverStart Series winner Randy Haynes of Counce, Tenn. Each rigs his boat with four 10-inch Lowrance HDS units. Heck, Rose even adds a fifth unit, a 5-incher, at the bow.

Mark RoseBy now, you probably really are wondering how many depth finders they need. Before you get an answer, however, consider this: During the past six years, Rose and Haynes have combined to win more than $1 million, clinch 10 tournament titles and log 32 top 10s in FLW competitions. They credit their success to their ability to catch fish offshore. And electronics are a key tool for them to find and catch fish in all that water.

“About five years ago, I began noticing that by the third and fourth days of these four-day tournaments, the shallow-water stuff was picked over,” Rose says. “I noticed that people like David Fritts and other off-shore fishermen I watched on TV would catch five in five casts, while I was fishing all day for five bites. I knew the offshore game was going to be an advancement of the future, and I made a conscious effort to learn all that I could about it.”

Learn Rose did, and he’s willing to pass along some of what he’s learned. For starters, check out how he and Haynes rig their Rangers with electronics.

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A. Transom Transducers
The dash head units are connected to a transducer on the transom. This is also where the StructureScan transducer, which includes SideScan and DownScan, is mounted.

B. GPS Receivers
Haynes’ GPS units all run off one receiver, which is mounted near the transom. Keep in mind that the trolling motor, with its transducer, is about 20 feet from the receiver, so occasionally it’s necessary to make adjustments when pulling up to a waypoint while standing on the front deck.

Rose uses two receivers – one at the stern and one installed on the bow by the trolling motor. He feels this setup allows for more accurate waypoint generation and fishing.

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