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Mark Rose has been the most consistent pro during the tournament thus far. And that consistency has him steadily climbing the leaderboard. Today he sacked a 14-pound, 4 ounce limit, which pushed his total to 41 pounds, 5 ounces.

“I’m trying to win an endurance race, but I’m still behind the 8-ball with the weather we’ve had,” said Rose. “I really needed the 100-degree days and bright sun.”

Rose is fishing offshore points and channel swings and said the mid-depths (less than 20 feet) have been the best for him. He’s averaging about 12 keepers a day, but doesn’t believe he can catch more than 15 pounds in his area.

“I’m confident I can catch some, but catching a real good sack is tough. It’s so hard to catch a 4-pounder out there right now. I’m just culling an ounce here and there.”

The Pickwick Lake champion said he’s employing a variety of offshore lures including crankbaits, spoons and drop-shots. With the full moon starting to diminish, Rose is hoping the shallow bite is beginning to wane.

“Ouachita is a clear-water lake and the more those shallow fish see those baits and hear those trolling motors it should get tougher.”

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