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The big bites that had carried Rose throughout the event were nonexistent today – except for a 5 1/2-pounder that he sight-fished late in the day. The other four fish he weighed averaged just a pound and change apiece.
"If you'd told me when I was leaving the house that I'd finish 2nd, I'd have taken it and never went," he said. "However, I'm still a competitor and when I put myself in that position, I want to get it done.

"I tried everything I knew to put together 15 pounds on backup stuff, but I couldn't do it. It was just Bryan's time – he was the most consistent angler all week."

He lost a good fish on his third cast of the day.
"I set the hook and it was solid. It could've been 10 pounds or it could've been 3, I'll never know. I just turned its head for a second before the hook came out. They were biting funny today."

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